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WWW Hamster Fun/Humour/Entertainment

Hamtaro Cool!
Official English site of the hit Japanese cartoon.  Lots of fun and games!

CoroČnet Kuririn Diary Cool!
Official site of cute Sanrio hamster, Kuririn!

George the Hamster
Stories told by a late great literary hamster, George. His work has been continued, currently, by Kesef and Dak (both Russians) who write for the Rodent Weekly, a publication concerned with accurately reporting on the Presidential 2000 Elections in which Ganjette, the first Hamster Candidate, is running.

Hammy Hamster Website
Official website of the TV show Hammy Hamster / Once Upon a Hamster.

The famous hampster dance, in many versions!

Hamster for President
A complete presidential campaign web page for Ms. Ganjette, believed to be the first hamster ever to run for president of the United States. Ms. Ganjette has a platform, campaign committee, promotional literature, and everything.

Happy House
Free download of a virtual hamster game!

Hamsters! Take the 10-Minute Bedtime Tour!
Extremely wonderful illustrations and art of hamsters.

Hamster Stories
Pick from a variety of fictional hamster stories or hamster poems.

The Rodent Weekly
Humourous and wicked articles about hamsters.

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