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WWW Resource Hamster Sites

AAA Hamsters
Lots of pictures of different breeds and colours dwarf and syrian hamsters. Also includes information about the genes associated with the different colours, and the genetics.

Alt.Pets.Hamsters FAQ
Compilation of lots of useful FAQs about hamsters.

Pet Web Site - Hamster
Comprehensive information.  Formerly known as "The Complete Hamster Site"

Caring for your Hamster
Information about choosing and caring for your hamster.

Dylan Menagerie
Lots of hamster pics. Screensavers, rabbits, guinea pigs.

Eva's Hamster Page
Information about the different types of hamsters, with emphasis on winter white.

Greenfield Hamstery
Information about Syrian hamster's genetics and breeding.

Information ... and look out for their memorial page where readers can post tributes for their furry friends.

Hamster Haven

Hamster Land
Information on hamsters.
A delightful site with good information on dwarf and syrian hamsters, an active bulletin board, and a great sense of humour.

Hamsters World

Woodview Hamstery
Page of a hobby breeder in Ohio, featuring beautiful pics of dwarf and syrian hamsters, their breeds, and some hamster information.

My small animal world
About the world of a guinea pig and hamster.

Marlene's winter white hamsters
An informative site about winter white Russian hamsters, with pictures about other breeds of dwarf hamsters.

Pete's Happy Hamsters
Interesting site with beautiful picture contributions from readers, some stories and hamster information.

The River Road Hamstery
Includes basic syrian genetics, mutation, inheritance, probability, principles of breeding, and genotyping your hamster.

Towy Vale Hamstery
Information and a list of hamster shows and clubs in UK.

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