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Beginners' Guide
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Selecting a hamster
Hamster starter kit
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The hamster starter kit

Here are some of the essentials in every starter kit.

Generally, there are 3 types of cages, aquarium cages, wire cages and connectable cages. Choose one that is most suitable for your preference.

Bedding is used to absorb the smell and odours of your hamster's urine. In general, fluffy/cellulose, cedar and pine bedding are said to be detrimental to the health of your hamster. Opt for safer bedding such as aspen wood shavings instead.

3.Exercise Equipment
A wheel is not a luxury item but a NECCESSITY for the hamster. Hamsters are naturally active and a lack of exercise might result in paralysis, where an afflicted hamster will spend most of its time hunched over, often unable to raise its head. Besides the wheel, ladders, exercise ball and other toys also provide good exercise.

4.Water bottle
Gravity water bottles that hang from the side of the cage are the best way to provide water. These bottles are designed not to leak, your pet won’t be able to knock them over, and spilled food won’t contaminate the water as it would if you kept water in a dish. Make sure the bottle you buy is big enough to hold at least an entire day’s worth of water for your pet. Offer your pet fresh water daily, and clean the bottle regularly. Choose a chew-resistant bottle and holder to keep your pet from gnawing on the bottle.

5.Food Dish and food
Choose a gnaw-proof, bottom-weighted food dish so that your hamster will not topple the food all over the cage. The food dish should be big enough to hold daily food supplies as well as to allow your hamster to sit in it comfortably. Buy a reliable brand of hamster mix that contains nutrients to a healthy diet for your hamster.

Last but not least, in addition to the above, the most important things you can give to your hamster are lots of love, patience and tender loving care.

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