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The Stars

Meet the hamsters who reside in and run Hamster Hideout.
-- Ash and Snow
-- Braveheart
-- Bambi
-- Buffy and Wiffy
Miffy and Waffie
-- Guaiguai
--> Rascal


Who better to tell you all about hamsters, than a hamster himself? Rascal, better known as Dr Rascal here, is Hideout's own hamster expert. Mischievous and a playful prankster, Rascal seems your least likely candidate to be a doctor of hamster matters. However, Rascal knows best how to keep himself in tip top condition. With the help of the resourceful Bambi, Rascal learns to surf the net and read books to learn all you need to know about hamsters. Check out the compilation of his hard work (and a hamster's own experience, of course!) in All About Hamsters.

Breed: Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster
Colour: Normal Platinum
Likes: Eating, wheeling, grooming in a dish of bathing salt, sleeping, being naughty
Dislikes: Wet bath, being waken up from its nap
Fave food: Sunflower seeds, corn nibblets, carrot, greens, cheese, spaghetti

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