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The Stars

Meet the hamsters who reside in and run Hamster Hideout.
-- Ash and Snow
-- Braveheart
-- Bambi
-- Buffy and Wiffy
> Miffy and Waffie
-- Guaiguai
-- Rascal



Meet Miffy and Waffie, stars of hamster chronicles. A journal of them written by their human friend is found by Bambi the web hamster and he is now (secretly) uploading the journal onto Hideout on a regular basis. Read the adventures of Miffy and Waffie, as well as their daughters, Buffy and Wiffy, in Hamster Chronicles.

Baby Miffy
Baby Miffy

Breed: Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster
Colour: Normal
Sex: Female
Likes: Eating, wheeling (loudly),sleeping, being with Waffie, rolling in bathing salt.
A dead ringer for: Braveheart

Breed: Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster
Colour: Argente
Sex: Male
Likes: Eating, sleeping, sunflower seeds, wheeling, tidying up the cage

Cute Waffie
Cute Waffie

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