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The Stars

Meet the hamsters who reside in and run Hamster Hideout.
-- Ash and Snow
-- Braveheart
-- Bambi
-- Buffy and Wiffy
> Dusty
Miffy and Waffie
-- Guaiguai
-- Rascal




Resting prettily

Say hello to Hamster Hideout's newest member, Dusty! Dusty is a most tame and cute hamster, and talented too, as she makes her debut in Hideout as a movie director.  Enjoy cute clips and short movies of hamsters in action in the Movies section.

Breed: Winter White Dwarf Hamster
Colour: Normal
Sex: Female
Fave Foods: Bird nests soup, sunflower seeds, lettuce, sweet corn , milk
Likes: Being petted, running around, grooming, eating

  Dusty's pictures
Too pretty.
Dusty looking out!
Scratch Scratch

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