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By: Cocoa

Cocoa says: "This is a little story I wrote about Scabbers. It is TRUE. Very very true, indeed. A lot of things go by when you're an aging hamster. Scabbers is quite old, and has seen many of life's things..."

One rainy day, I was downstairs with my dear hamster, Scabbers. I was letting her climb on my arm, and she was also exercising in her seperate mini cage. In the exercise cage, there was a water-bottle, fresh healty diet food, plastic tubes, and a wheel. Scabbers enjoyed running in the wheel.

Well, anyway, I was taking Scabbers out of the cage, and my sister and her evil friend came running downstairs with this purfume stuff. They started spraying it all over the room, and I could hardly breath. I cupped Scabbers in my hand and tried to run over to the stairs but my evil sister sprayed it, right in front of me. I ran in the other direction, and put Scabbers in a cardboard box I got from Build A Bear. It had a metal wheel in it. Scabbers, started running in the wheel as fast as she could. I put my face in the box, and there was fresh air circulating through.

Scabbers kept on running until my evil sister and her friend went upstairs. I took Scabbers out and patted her on the head. I took out some yogurt treats, and gave 4 to Scabbers. She quickly nibbled on them, and stuffed them in her mouth.

If it weren't for Scabbers, I would've surly tackled my sister, and broke the purfume stuff. I was so worried about Scabbers, to care to hurt my sister.

The End!!!!

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