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 By Cheeky_Monkey24

A pumpkin was set on the door step of a 10-year olds house. Her mother came outside and picked it up.

"Thank you Bob!" she shouted across the street.

"What?" asked Katie, the girl.

"Oh Bobo just dropped off this pumpkin," Katie's mum said. "Now get in the car."


"It is time for your halloween present."

She drove to the pet shop and when they got there her mum said, "We are getting you a hamster."


They had the cage and supplies already, as Katie had a hamster 2 years before. When they got the hamster Katie new already what she wanted to name him. He was given the name of Pumpkin.


"You see Pumpkin this is what I named you after," said Katie as she showed her hamster the world which they where in.

Pumpkin looked at the thing which was in front of him. Really? He thought.

That night while the rest of the family was sleeping he found away to escape. He ran until he came to big wall. He spotted a hole in it about 3 inches away. he crawled through the hole and ended up near the pumpkin. He ran over to it and started chewing it.

Most hamsters probably couldn’t chew through a pumpkin, but this one was different. When he reached the middle he made a nest out if it. He slept until morning.


He awoke at about 8.00am. He saw his owners face. She was smiling. All she said was, "I guess calling you pumpkin was a good idea."

She took the stuff out of the pumpkin and put a plastic coat around the inside and outside. Then Pumpkin was happy for ever.


When Katie turned 92 she died. She ran across the Rainbow Bridge and all of her hamsters came running to her. Pumpkin was the first to jump up to her. Then she turned 10 again and the Hamster and Katie lived in happiness, forever.

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