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By johnyy

The horrible surprise that awaited me.

I walked home on my usual path from school. I tiredly pulled my book bag, which seemed to weigh 50 pounds behind me on a humid hot June day never expecting the horrible surprise that awaited me. I trailed my book bag into the house, set it close to my chair and went into the cool bathroom where my hamster Sally stayed. To my surprise she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.
“Mom, where's Sally?” I asked trembling.
“She is in the basement she doesn’t look to well.”
I ran to the basement as fast as I could, brushing the tears of my face with the back of my hand. I opened the basement doors and walked inside to find my hamster that lay on the floor of her cage looking very weak and tired. I knew what this meant because I had another hamster before Sally and I remembered when she got sick as well. I picked her up gently and placed her on my chest.
The Tragedy

I knew what would happen but I still had hope she would get better. I ran my hand down her back. Tears were pouring down my face like a fountain of salty water. I knew it would only be a matter of time until she was gone, so I stayed by her side. Filled with sorrow but making her feel comfortable. A few hours later I was still running my hand down her back when all of a sudden I didn’t feel her breath. I shook her gently and there was no response. I took a deep breath. She was gone, along with any hope I had of her surviving the tragedy. I knew it would take a while for me to get used to not having her around anymore. But one thing was for sure, I would never forget her ever. The more I thought about it the more I cried.

Happiness at last

My eyes were dried up and swollen red .My face was ghostly white and I was trembling. I set her down in her cage. That day, my dad buried her. My dad didn’t tell me the exact time she was buried. Probably so I wouldn’t be present and be more upset. The following week I was at the ironbound pet shop picking out a new hamster when I spotted a bunch of tiny hamsters that looked to be about 1 week old. One of those hamsters caught my attention the most was a little hamster with a black strip running down her back and a white nose. I pointed her out to the storeowner. That night she escaped from her wire cage. Another tragedy fortunate for us we found her safe and sound in our basement but very hungry I named her Holly. Although I got a new hamster I will never forget Sally and all the things we went through together.

About me

I have had a lot of experience with hamsters some great some surprises but one of the worst is always when your pet passes away. To experience those feelings I decided to write this story. The whole story is true. It expresses sorrow, happiness, and most of all hamster love.

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