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By: Cocoa

When I dream, I can always see you, Scabbers. You're always with me, always in my heart, forever and never to be forgotten. I was told to move on in life, forget everything in the past... But how could I forget someone so near and dear to me? It's as if I were to forget a whole piece of myself and my life. But I would never let that happen.

Whenever I feel lonely, I always know your with me, Scabbers. Even if you were just a hamster, you were MY hamster. My best friend; my most loyal, trustworthy friend. I always knew you were there, even if you couldn't understand me. Even if I couldn't understand you, you were there...

Even though, you're gone now, I will never forget you... Scabbers... Even after all these months, I never forgot you, they way you looked and felt... If you were still here, I'd be a lot happier than I would now. But it was your time, and you had to go...

Scabbers is always in my heart. I could never forget her, even if I got 20 different hamsters named Scabbers. The real Scabbers, the first Scabbers, the first hamster I ever had, will always be remembered and can always be seen as a different hamster than any other hamster...

[PS: DO you remember my name still?  Cocoa. That's my name. I thought you'd forget about it after all this time... I'm still angry at myself because I haven't been writing to you...]

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