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By: Cocoa

One day there was a litter of five Syrian hamsters living at Pet Paradise. They were named: Chu Chu, Rick, Cocoa, Nago, and little Ginger. They were young enough to stay together in the same tank, but they were old enough that their mother was taken away.

When the little hamster saw their mom being taken away, they were shocked. Ginger, the smallest of the litter was asleep while the whole thing happened. When she woke up that night, she raced around the cage, and constantly cleaning herself, while the other hamsters ate and ran on the plastic wheel.

"WHEREíS MOM?!" shrieked Ginger crying her eyes out. "WHERE IS..."

"Calm down!!" squeaked Rick. "We may be young hamsters, but our ears are really sensitive!"

"Whereís mom then?" asked Ginger.

"You numbskull!" replied Nago racing over, "sheís right in the other hamster tank over there!"

"WHAT, WHERE?!" asked Ginger frantically looking back and forth.

"Well, she was over there..." answered Nago. "I guess they moved her to the back room, with dad. Or at least I think dad was taken with mom."

Cocoa and Chu Chu came scurrying over. Chu Chu had been stuffing a whole bunch of hamster food in her mouth, while Cocoa was tired out from racing herself on the wheel. (How she was racing herself? I donít know.)

"Whatís all the racket?" asked Cocoa.

"Ginger was having a crisis because she missed it when mom was being taken away," answered Rick.

"Mruff, mruff, krmf, krmp," mumbled Chu Chu with the food in her mouth.

"Huh?" asked Nago.

Chu Chu started taking all the food out of her mouth, while the other hamsters payed no attention. When Chu Chu took all the food out of her mouth, she buried it under the bedding.

"So, what were you saying, Chu Chu?" asked Nago.

"Nothing," answered Chu Chu. "I was just mumbling to myself."

"Oh, okay," replied Nago.

Chu Chu scurried away, and went over to the water bottle, but when she tried to drink the water, nothing came out. Chu Chu raced over to Rick frantically cleaning herself, because she was worried.

"Rick, Rick, Rick!" squeaked Chu Chu. "No water!!"

"No water?!" shrieked Nago.

"How absurd..." Cocoa added in. "Very odd."

"Stop talking like that!" yelled Chu Chu. "Canít you see were going to dehydrate?!!!"

"See... look whoís having a crisis now..." Ginger muttered out loud.

"Okay, okay..." replied Rick, trying to sound calm. "Everyone keep their fur on... Iím sure this water bottle is just... errr... broke, or Chu Chu wasnít using it right..."

Rick dashed over to the water bottle he started gnawing on it. He then was able to drink some water.

"You dunce, Chu Chu!" squeaked Rick. "You werenít using it right!"

"Oh... ha... ha... he... never mind..." replied Chu Chu.

Just then, a human hand reached in the tank, and grabbed Ginger. Ginger bit the hand, and struggled to get loose, but she couldnít.

"HELP!!" she cried.

"Humans arenít supposed to be awake at night!" Rick told Nago, Chu Chu, and Cocoa. "Only us hamsters are awake! These humans must be like radioactive or something!"

The human put Ginger into a small cardboard box with air holes in it. Ginger was carried away and taken to a cash register. The human held out some money, gave it to the cashier, and left. Poor Ginger was never seen again.

"Ginger..." said Cocoa crying, "Why? Why did you have to go? Snivel... Why couldnít it of been me? WHY?! Why is this such a cruel, cold-hearted world?"

"Hey, donít feel bad Cocoa," replied Chu Chu trying to make Cocoa feel better.

"But why?" asked Cocoa. "Ginger... so young... so, so..."

"Well, at least thereís you, Nago, Rick, and..." replied Chu Chu.

But before finishing her sentence, another human reached in the tank, and grabbed Rick. Rick let out a loud hiss, and was dropped. The hand then grabbed Chu Chu. Chu Chu didnít even try to get loose. She knew she would be no match for "The Hand of the Human". Chu was put into a box, and taken away. Then, she was never seen again... Poor Chu Chu.... Cut down in its own pride... How sad...

"NOOOOO!!!!" cried Cocoa. "NO! NOT AGAIN!! Why does it have to happen?!"

"Okay, so that leaves us three..." replied Rick.

"Weíre going to be taken away by humans..." said Nago. "But why? Why are they coming at night?"

"Youíre right..." replied Rick. "Weíre nocturnal, and humans are not."

"The fact is..." began Cocoa. "Weíre being attacked by humans! We canít defend!! Except for Rick. He can hiss, which is odd... Hamsters donít normally hiss..."

"You know, humans might not be pure evil," replied Rick.

Quietness filled the air. All was silent, except for the crickets chirping outside.

"Nah," said Cocoa.

"So, what are we going to do to stay away from these humans?" asked Nago.

"We canít!" yelled Cocoa. "Canít you see you ignorant creature?! Weíre going to be taken away! Weíll never see each other again! Besides, if it werenít for humans, we would be able to run free, as free as can be, free of walls and plastic barriers."

"There, there," replied Rick trying to calm Cocoa down. "Youíre just going through a crisis. Humans arenít really going to hurt us... If they do want to hurt us, we would be in pain right now, and not in a plastic tank. So, humans arenít pure evil."

"Yea," said Cocoa. "Yea, youíre right... Youíre very right. Youíre so right, Iím going insane!"

"No, calm down, Cocoa!" replied Rick. "Donít go insane."

"Oh..." said Cocoa.

"And in conclusion, the hamster tank becomes a much saner place!" said Nago.

Another human hand reached in, and grabbed Nago. Nago didnít try to get loose.

"Farewell!" Cocoa yelled.

"So long!" said Rick.

Nago was put into a small cardboard box with air holes, and was carried away. Far away, to her new hamster home. Cocoa looked over to Rick.

"You know, if we wouldíve all stayed in this plastic hamster tank, we wouldíve eventually fought, and destroyed each other," said Cocoa.

"Yeah, I guess," replied Rick.

Soon after a hand grabbed Cocoa, and then, a different hand grabbed Rick.

"Adios, Cocoa," said Rick.

"Bye!" replied Cocoa.

The two were separated. Cocoa was put into a cardboard box, and then Rick was. The two were then payed for, brought outside the store, and were then separated forever. Cocoa went with her owner, and Rick went with his. The two never saw each other again.

So, in conclusion to this short story, the hamsters learned that humans arenít evil. The hamsters all got good homes.

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