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Writings on Hamsters

Spotlight your very creative talents here by submitting your hamster writings to Hamster Hideout. They can be writings of poetry, stories, real incidents, and basically everything else under the sun! What are you waiting for?

your hamster writings today!

Important: Hamster Hideout will edit the entries for length and clarity and reserves the right to decide on the choice, final design and content of the page. Please proof read your writings (e.g. correct grammar, punctuation and spelling) before sending.

Readers' Submitted Writings on Hamsters

(Note: Writings submitted after 18 Oct 04 will be featured at the next update).

Date Added Title Type Writer
Oct 2004  Cuddles Story Cutelilbabi13
Oct 2004  Escape From the Lab Story Scabbers
Oct 2004  The Halloween Hamster Story Cheeky_Monkey24
Oct 2004  The Day I Got My Hamster Holly Story johnyy
Oct 2004  Collection of Short Stories (assorted) Compilation Various Writers
Oct 2004  Collection of Poems (assorted) Compilation. Various Writers
Oct 2004  Collection of Poems (assorted) Compilation. Various Writers
Apr 2004  Escape to TV Land Story Alex Jaffe
Apr 2004  Rosie Poem Jenna
Apr 2004  Hamster Hideout Discussion Forum Poem The Hawk
Apr 2004  Charlie Poem The Hawk
Apr 2004  Remembering Scabbers Story Cocoa
Apr 2004  Pellet Stories Lizzie Jossie
Apr 2004  Skitles Story Ryan F Gallant
Apr 2004  A Great Relief Story Yvonne Procter
Apr 2004  Small Spark of Hope Story marmot
Apr 2004  Story of Skippy and Beba Story Liz. G
Apr 2004  The Perfect Friend Story Courtney
Dec 2003  Brad's Adventure Story jr wallin
Dec 2003  Hamster Hideout is the Best Poem Cocoa
Dec 2003  Sir Kibble Poem Cocoa
Dec 2003  A dream Poem RCD
Oct 2003  Scabbers and the 3 cats Story Cocoa
Oct 2003  Before I Go to Bed Poem HamTree
Oct 2003  Rainbow of Disasters Story Cocoa
Oct 2003  Scabbers Story Cocoa
Sep 2003  The Five Hamsters Story Cocoa
Sep 2003  My Hamster Story The Hawk
Sep 2003  When Scabbers Saved My Life Story Cocoa
Jun 2003  The Sad Hamster Story Cocoa
Jun 2003  Scabbers Poem Cocoa
Jun 2003  The Ball Poem Aimee
Aug 2003  Shadow Poem Amanda Schulte
Aug 2003  Rusty Poem Aimee
Dec 2000  Morning Walk Poem Vanessa
Aug 2000  Circus Poem Vanessa
Jul 2000  Pretzel Poem Vanessa

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