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The Stars

Meet the hamsters who reside in and run Hamster Hideout.
-- Ash and Snow
-- Braveheart
-- Bambi
--> Buffy and Wiffy
Miffy and Waffie
-- Guaiguai
-- Rascal




Say hello to Buffy and Wiffy, the stars of hamster chronicles. They are the offsprings of Miffy and Waffie, and are now staying together cordially with their lovely mother, Miffy. So, naturally, you'll get to hear their adventures in "The Journal of Miffy and Waffie" at Hamster Chronicles.

Buffy and Wiffy
Breed: Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamsters
Colour: Normal (Buffy), Argente (Wiffy)
Sex: Female
Parents: Miffy and Waffie
Likes: Eating, cuddling together with Miffy, playing, cleaning each other fur
Cute facts: Buffy looks like Miffy and Wiffy looks like Waffie.

  Some pictures
Buffy eating Buffy munching gently Wiffy scratch scratch Wiffy scratch scratch Eating together Together

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