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The Stars

Meet the hamsters who reside in and run Hamster Hideout.
-- Ash and Snow
--> Braveheart
-- Bambi
-- Buffy and Wiffy
Miffy and Waffie
-- Guaiguai
-- Rascal




Friendly and easy-going, Braveheart's good nature makes him well-liked with the humans. The official post hamster of Hamster Hideout, Braveheart sorts and delivers your mail to Hamster Hideout with a smile. In addition, Braveheart also manns the mailing list and post station of Hideout. Beautiful and photogenic, you can see Braveheart's poses through out this website. (He's the hamster popping out on the top left corner of every page)! Remember to toss him a sunflower seed when he's at your doorstep!

Breed: Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster
Colour: Normal
Hobbies: Wheeling, running about in the room, being petted, eating, sleeping
Dislikes: Bathing
Fave food: Cornflakes, green leafy vegetables, all kinds of nuts, bread

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