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SG Hamster Sites

A tribute to a brave and loveable hamster, Guaiguai.

Story of Rascal
A tribute to a cute and charming hamster, Rascal.

Ben Ben Hamsters
A page about hamsters.

Chinnies 'n' Hammies
Info mostly about Chinchillas, but also include some hamster pictures.

Hamster Affair
Affairs of the syrian hamsters.

Hamster Tales
Very informative local guide to hamsters.

Selene's Hamstery
Information site about dwarf hamsters.

SPCA Singapore
Adopt hamsters for $10 each, learn more about animal abuse and how you can help.

The Hamster Homepage of Itchy and Scratchy
About Itchy and Scratchy, two beautiful hamsters who had passed away. Contains some fine pictures.

Zerlings Land Of Dwarf Hamsters
Information on dwarf hamsters care and many excellant pictures of different types of dwarf hamsters.

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