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Beginners' Guide
Factors to consider
Selecting a hamster
Hamster starter kit
Taking your hamster home

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Hamster Basics
Hamster Care

Selecting a hamster

As hamsters are nocturnal, the daytime may not be the best gauge of the hamster's well being. Try to visit the pet shop in the evenings. It will also be a good idea to spend some time observing how the hamsters play and deciding which of them are more easy-going.

Although appearance is usually the key factor in deciding which hamster to buy, the potential owner should also look out for signs of a healthy hamster.

Signs of a healthy hamster

  1. A healthy hamster is active inquisitive, energetic and has an alert disposition.

  2. A healthy hamster has bright and clear eyes.

  3. The nose of a healthy hamster should be clean without any discharge.

  4. The coat of a healthy hamster is well groomed and full.

  5. There are no lumps and bumps on the body.

  6. A healthy hamster has a round and broad body.

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