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Beginners' Guide
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Taking your hamster home

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Preparing your hamster for the journey home

1.Have the cage ready
The lack of proper housing will cause much stress to your new hamster. Make sure that your new pet has a cage to itself the minute it reaches home. You can either buy the cage at the same time you buy your hamster, or preferably you can prepare it before you bring your hamster home. If you are buying a hamster for a friend, always make sure that you buy a cage together with the hamster. Hamsters need time to adapt to new surroundings, and further stress due to small and inadequate housing will cause health and behavioural problems.

2.The way home
You should bring your hamster home as soon as possible. Do not stop by to show off your hamsters or continue your day's activities into the night before bringing your hamster home. Pet shop owners usually place hamsters in a small container and efforts should be taken to shorten your new pet's discomfort. Do not leave your hamsters alone in the car as they may die from suffocation.

3.Bring your own container

As pet shop owners usually place your new hamster in a tiny container, it may be a good idea to bring along your own small fish tank container to transport your hamster. This will give it more room to move and reduce the discomfort of the temporary habitat. Place some green leafy vegetables with high moisture content so that your hamster will not feel thirsty or hungry during the journey home.


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