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Housing your hamster

House your hamster in a quiet and dimly lighted area of the house. The cage should also be situated away from other pets such as dogs and cats. Avoid placing the cage under direct sunlight as this may cause dehydration in your pet. This is especially important for hamsters housed in aquarium cages because exposure to direct sunlight can create the greenhouse effect in the cage and keep in extra heat in the cage.

Hamsters will thrive satisfactorily in temperatures ranging from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but they can adjust to any climate and humidity. Avoid drafts and drastic changes in temperature, such as in an air-conditioned room, as they can contribute to respiratory problems.

Hamster proof your home

You should also hamster proof your home to ensure that in the event that your hamster should escape, it will not meet with mishaps. The household is a place of potential danger to hamsters, and steps should be taken to create a safer environment.

1. Potentially dangerous objects, such as household chemicals (e.g. insecticides), household appliances and exposed wires and pointed objects should be tucked away from normal reach of hamsters.

2. Exposed pipe openings should be blocked with a brick to prevent your hamster from falling in.

3. Doors should be ledge or closed to prevent a hamster from being crushed by a sudden door slam.

4. Watch your steps when your hamster is running in the room to prevent stepping on it.

5. Place chemicals with strong smell (e.g. vanish, work glue) away from hamsters as inhalation can cause poisoning.

Thanks and acknowledgements:
The picture used in this page is taken with permission from Sparks Hamstery.

Dwarf Hamsters: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual by Sharon Vanderlip (Barron's Educational Series, 1999)

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