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Keeping your hamster healthy

Here are some of the ways to keep your hamster healthy and to prevent your hamster from falling ill.

  1. Feed your pet a balanced diet. Buy a reliable brand of hamster food that can take care of your hamster's daily nutritional requirements and supplement its daily diet with a moderate amount of greens. Always ensure that there is a fresh supply of food and water.

  2. Bedding should be changed and cage should be washed regularly to prevent mites and parasites to live in them.

  3. If your hamster is ill, isolate him from other hamsters immediately to prevent contagious illnesses, such as flu and wet tail, from spreading.

  4. If you are ill, do not handle your hamster and relocate the cage if you sleep in the same room with your pet.

  5. If you are breeding hamsters, only breed hamsters with a good history of health.

  6. Be attentive to your hamster when it is outside the cage to prevent falls and physical injuries. Close supervision is important when children are handling a hamster.

  7. Stress lowers your hamster's immunity system and steps should be taken (e.g. not disturbing the daily routine of the hamsters and housing hamsters individually if fighting is observed) to minimize the stress level.

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