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Hamster Basics
Hamsters are rodents
History of hamsters
Anatomy of hamsters
Sexing hamsters
Breeding hamsters
The different breeds
Syrian hamster
Syrian colours & patterns
Russian Campbell (R.C)
R.C. colours & patterns
Chinese hamster
Roborovski hamster
Dwarf winter white russian

More Info
Beginners' Guide
Hamster Care

Good Day, I am Dr Rascal, Hideout's very own hamster expert. Want to know more about your hamster's ancestors and their different breeds and colours? You've come to the right place! On the left you see a navigation table with links to the different topics of Hamster Basics. Just click on the links to know more about what you are interested in. It's that easy! Have fun reading!

Disclaimer: All information in this section are the sole opinion of Dr Rascal, unless otherwise stated. Please use information at own discretion and consequences.  Please do not copy or reproduce the contents of this section without prior permission from Hamster Hideout.

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