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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 54

Pic 1a
Hamster: Flo

Owners: Janelle & Craig

"She's a female siberian dwarf hamster, She was 1 year and 6 months old. when most of the pictures were taken. She lives in Moscow, Russia where she was born in a pet store. Isnt' she cute!?

Pic 1b

Pic 1c

Pic 1d

Pic 1e

Pic 2
Hamster: Buffy (Pic 2)

Owner: Sarah

"This is my hamster buffy. She is over 20 weeks old and she is the cutiest hamster in the world. She loves watching the TV, as she watches it for about half an hour. I would love to show the picture of her to other readers as she is the best hamster in the world to me."

Pic 3
Hamster: Snowy (Pic 3)

Owner: Loobylou

Pic 4a
Hamsters: Dot & Com
(Pic 4a)

Pic 4b:
Hammy House of Horror


"Hope you like these piccys of my little Siberian Winter Whites otherwise known as Dot and Com"

Pic 4b

Pic 5
Hamster: Cody a.k.a. wheedledorf
(Pic 5)

Owner: LeeAnn

Pic 6
Hamster: Peanut (Pic 6)

Owner: Melissa

Pic 7a

Hamsters: Dusty & Pebbles

Owner: Frances

Pic 7a: My third Hamster, Dusty, She's a bit sleepy there!
 Pic 7b: Dusty also, nows she's awake!

Pic 7c: This is Pebbles, my second hamster, my first I haven't got a very good picture for. She is munching away there!

Pic 7b

Pic 7c

Pic 8
Hamster: Lucy (Pic 8)

Owner: Scott

"Although it took about 20 minutes to get the perfect picture, my late hamster Lucy's "Santa Lucy" picture was well worth the effort. A student of mine made the Santa Hat (I don't have that kind of time)."

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