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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 53

Hamster: Hamlet

Owner: Lisa

This is Hamlet. He looks like he's saying, "Mommy. Why are you taking my picture?"

Pic 2a
Hamster: Walter


Pic 2a:
We had just adopted Walter from a friend's daughter who had gotten a little frustrated since Walter was often still asleep when she had to go to bed.  So they didn't get much time to play.
My friend Erin and I built this playpen for Walter so she could have a bigger place to play.  We made a sand box, tubes to crawl through and blocks and shelves to crawl on.  She seemed to really enjoy it.
Pic 2d: "Sweetie in sickbay"
These were some of Walter's last days.  She was bright and eager until the very end.  We miss her so.

Pic 2b

Pic 2c

Pic 2d

Pic 3a
Hamster: Lucy (Pic 3a, 3b, 3c)

Owner: Gina

Pic 3b

Pic 3c

Pic 4
Hamster: Malcolm (Pic 4)

Owner: Shani-Ann

Pic 5a
Hamster: Stich

Owner: Ashley

Pic 5a: This is my baby posing for a pic. Isn't he adorable!

Pic 5b: This is him asleep

Pic 5b

Pic 6
Hamster: Goldie (Pic 6)

Owner: Jonathan

"She is a lot of fun"

Pic 7a
Hamster: Ewick

Owner: MightyMTreeGrl

Pic 7a: Ewick is curious to know why I am taking his picture.

Pic 7b: Ewick proves to be camera-shy as he looks out over a sea of yummy food.

Pic 7b
Hamsters: Dwaine and Kerry
(Pic 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 8e, 8f)
Owner: Gordon

Pic 8a

Pic 8b

Pic 8c

Pic 8d

Pic 8e

Pic 8f

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