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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 51

Pic 1a

Hamster: Lollipop (Pic 1a & 1b)

Contributed by: Drewus

This is my lollipop going for her new treats! She is a real sweet hamster, I got her about 10 months ago. She likes to get out of the cage and go where I'm hanging out, wherever that may be. One time I forgot to close the cage door and she went down 2 stories down to find me in the garage, another time I woke up with her on my bed right beside me smiling away. She does have a weight problem as I try and monitor it but she such a emotional eater I think, I can't be watching her 24 hours a day. Maybe I'll get her a personal trainer."

Pic 1b

Pic 2

Hamster: Lily (Pic 2)

Owner: Maxwell

This is my hamster Lilly. I love her with all my heart!!!!!! She is a short haired Syrian."

Pic 3a

Pic 3b

Pic 3c

Pic 3d

Pic 4a

Owners: Shani & Sharfina

Contributed by:
Ardinny, Shani & Sharfina

Pic 4a: "
This is Carrot. Another one of Sharfina's hamsters. She likes to bite the cage."

Pic 4b: "This is Kiwi. The tamest Hamster."

Pic 4c: "This is Apple. She is a syrian golden hamster and right now she is stuffing her cheek pouches with tissues. She's full of tricks.She is Sharfina's hammy."

Pic 4b

Pic 4c

Pic 5
Hamsters: Oscar & Rex
(Pic 5)

Contributed by:

"These are my two pet hamsters named Oscar (on the right) and Rex."



Pic 6
Hamster: Bob Hope (Pic 6)

"My name is Maddy and this is my hamster, Bob Hope. He passed away a few days ago.  He was a cross of a black bear tortoise shell and a European hamster.  He loved fruit but was scared of peanut butter.  He was so gentle and never bit anyone. He only liked girls; my grandpa was the only male he liked. He was my first pet and so much fun. I miss you Hope!"

Pic 7
Hamster: Bear (Pic 7)

Owner: Gwen

"Bear is checking out his new cage"

Pic 8

Hamster: Little Percilla (Pic 8)

Owner: Rachel

"My name is Rachel and here’s Little Percilla sleeping in her blue bed fluff. She’s my little sweetie."

Pic 9a
Owner: Samantha
Pic 9a: Chicago was a Russian Campbell Dwarf.  He was my first hamster.
Pic 9b: Marllow was a long haired female Syrian.
Pic 9c: Oreo was a male Syrian, a black bear.
Pic 9d: Razzle is a female Russian Campbell Dwarf. She was previously owned by a friend who found out that she was allergic to hamsters.

Pic 9e: Troy is a male Syrian. He has never bitten anyone in his entire life.

Pic 9b

Pic 9c

Pic 9d

Pic 9e

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