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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 50

Pic 1a

Hamster: Henrietta (Pic 1a & 1b)

Contributed by: Katie

Pic 1a: "Peeking out after doing some dusting under the bookcase"

Pic 1b: "
Saying hello from behind the curtain"

"Henrietta is a year-old cinnamon-banded short-haired Syrian hamster"

Pic 1b

Pic 2a

Hamsters: Ilsa (Pic 2a), Edna (Pic 2b).

Contributed by:

These are our two dwarf hamsters, Ilsa (first) and Edna (second).  These pictures were taken on May 19, when we first brought them home.  They were 6 weeks old."

Pic 2b

Pic 3a

: Poppy (Pic 3a, 3b, 3c & 3d)


This is my hamster Poppy. She is 7 months old golden Syrian hamster. I have trained her to climb the stairs and she loves to play in her cheese house as you can see from the photos, she also loves to go in her seesaw tube."

Pic 3b

Pic 3c

Pic 3d

Pic 4a

Hamster: Spider (Pic 4a, 4b & 4c)

Owner: Drewus

This is Spider checking out all his new huts! He was a real wild hamster when I got him about 9 months ago, but now he is so calm he even sleeps on my shoulder. In his spare time he likes to sleep and do gymnastics, preferably the parallel bars. He also can be quite the escape artist if given the chance and enjoys a good roll in his ball. He has also excelled at mathematics and building nests at a very high altitude without falling down.

Pic 4b

Pic 4c

Pic 5a
Hamster: Mr Chubs (Pic 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d & 5e)

: Umesh
"I bought this hamster two months ago for a school project in which it was not harmed. And I decided to keep it."

Pic 5b

Pic 5c

Pic 5d

Pic 5e

Pic 6
Hamster: Dusky (Pic 6)

Owner: Gems & Paul

"This is Dusky, she's a 5 month old sable syrian on an escape mission."

Pic 7a
Hamster: Snowy (Pic 7a, 7b, 7c, 7d)

Owner: Jacqui and Eileen

"This is Snowy, our Pearl White Dwarf who passed away a week ago on 8 June 2005. We were very saddened by her death as we both loved her dearly. She was just over 18 months old.
She loved being stroked to sleep, running around the bed especially below the blanket and playing in her wheel. Her favourite foods were Millet seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, yogurt and bean sprouts. 
Everyone who saw her said she was a gentle and adorable little hamster who had pretty eyes.  She loved to lick, guess that was her way of showing us she loved us."

Pic 7b

Pic 7c

Pic 7d

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