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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 42

Hamster: Rodee Rodeo

Contributed by: Jordan

Hamster: Jessica

Contributed by: Chantal

This is my hamster Jessica. She is the sweetest little angel in the whole world and I love her to death! She is my best friend, and I'll always remember her after she dies."

Pic 1

Hamster: Bella

Contributed by: TwinkleAngel

Pic 1: "Here is my dwarf hamster Bella being funny and loving. She is a baby in this picture."

Pic 2: "Bella playing in her playground."


Pic 2


"This is my hamster. His name is Ralphy. He is a male with a big appetite! His favorite foods are: carrots pretzels, whip cream, and popcorn. He is a Long-haired Teddy bear. He is 2 months old."

Hamster: Wee Stuf

Owner: Clare

This is wee stuf and she is one year old. This was taken just after she got caught chewing my mum's carpet!"


Pic 1

Pic 1: Baobei

Master, don't just take picture, please give me food!"

Pic 2: Baobei

Nice corn, yummy!!"

Pic 3: Puipui

Oh I am bored!"

Contributed by: meisim

Pic 2

Pic 3

Hamster: Hope

Owner: Michelle

"This is my hamster Hope. She loves posing for pictures! She was born on Easter 2004 and has brought so much joy to my life!"

Hamster: Siami

Contributed by: Julia

"Always when I come near with something new like a camera, she stands still and looks at me with her big ruby eyes. Her balance isn't like good, so she is shaking a little bit. She never bites or uses her claws on anyone, she is an angel! "

Pic 1

Hamster: Allie

Siberian Dwarf Hamster

Owner: Michelle

"Allie is a very sweet hamster, though unfortunately, she went sort of
crazy after her litter. Ok, sort of crazy is an understatement."

Pic 1: Allie before the birth

Pic 2: Her babies approx. 2 weeks after birth. They love lettuce!

Pic 2

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