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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 41

Hamster: Cuddles

"He is sweet and he doesnt mind if any one holds him "

Contributed by: Jen

*sniff sniff*  is this a bananna?"


Hamster: Sandi

"Hi, this is my hamster Sandi. She is a naughty mother of 4 and loves biting long things"

Hamster: Mimi

Contributed by: Mint

"In loving memory of Mini - Adopted on 30 Jun 03 and passed away on 20 Oct 04. She was always full of tricks and never failed to make us laugh. Will be
dearly missed by all at home. In this photo, she has just stuffed her cheeks with food and trying to groom herself."

Pic 1

Pic 1: Ron Weasley (Harry Potter's best friend)

Owner: Mitch

"Here is a picture of my teddy bear hamster named Ron.  Ron passed away today in my mom's arms.  He was the best hamster ever, and I loved him a lot.  He always chirped and talked a lot.  He even snored in his bed.  Ron loved to roll around in his ball, and he loved to eat treats.  I hope God enjoys petting and playing with Ron as much as I did."

Pic 2: Harry Potter

Owner: Clark

"Harry is a black bear hamster.  He is really friendly and loves to be held.  He can make his wheel go super fast, and he also loves to roll around in his ball.  Harry and his friend Ron (my brother's hamster who passed away today) love to roll around the house together in their balls.  Harry will be lonely without his pal, so we will give him extra love."

Pic 3: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter & Ron Weasley's friend)

Owner: Clark & Mitch

"Hermione is the newest addition to our family.  She is a teddy bear hamster.  She has only been with us a short while, but is beginning to adjust nicely.  Hermione is literally just a baby.  She loves running on her wheel and rolling around in her pink ball.  She sleeps in a strawberry shaped house.  Hermione loves to eat carrots."

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 1

Contributed by :Brenda

Pic 1: Salt & Pepper

"Squeek! Help us...we are stuck! Ahhh!"

Pic 2: Salt

"Aww...All these sawdust makes my nose itch. Waaaa!!!"

Pic 2


"Hi, I'm Emma, I love hamsters. These are two pics of Donnie before he died. This is him exploring. Please put these pics in your gallery. Thanks, Emma."

,Smokey,BnW 1 and BnW 2

Owner: PrinceCharming

Caption: Hey,Dont ya think Ive closed my eyes enough to see myself on da spotlight?


Hamster: Miffy (or miffleflower)

Age: 5 months

Owner: Talbo

Caption: miffy thinking!


Pic 1


Pic 2

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