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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 39

One of my companions little Walnut sadly passed away last week on August 12th, it so lonely without her. I adored her so much, she loved that treadmill, once she got going it was along time before she stopped. Most often when she got in her ball to roll around, she would get stuck in several places and I would help and give her a boost. Well here's a group of photos of my Walnut.

~Sincerely Drewus

Hamster: Maxine

Contributed by: Meriel and Alex

"She is waiting impatiently to get into her plastic ball in order to patrol the house.  We live in a town house and are always careful to block the stairs when she is out ‘patrolling’.  We love our Maxine and are careful to keep her cage clean and her food fresh…….she is our ‘baby’ and we really enjoy her cute appearance and great personality"

Hamster: Myni

Contributed by: Mint

This is a photo of my 1 year old winter white, Myni. Isn't she pretty?"


Hamster: Nieko

Contributed by:

"He likes to get his hair combed and he likes to eat roses and peaches!"

Pic 1


Hamster: Xiaoxiao

Contributed by: Rynnie

Pic 1: "Such a sweety! The youngest among the 3 which I adopted. I bought a safari for him - really warms my heart to see him sleeping soundly in there!"

Pic 2: "I woke him up one slow afternoon! Luckily he just lazed around on my palm than throwing tantrum. My good boy!"


Pic 2

Pic 1


Snowball (Pic 1), Stuart Little (Pic 2)

Contributed by: Alysia

nowball is a funny hamster. He is a full breed teddy bear hamster born November 1st. He enjoys lots of attention and loves to make people laugh."

Stuart is my 2nd hamster. He is very active and plays bally in the living room with snowball his buddy. he as well as snowball loves attention and Stuart is more playful then snowball. He was born march 1st. He was born with red eyes and is a full breed teddy bear hamster."

Pic 2

Pic 1

Daisy (Pic 1)
& Hamie (Pic 2)

Contributed by: Kaylyn

"That's Daisy in the top part of one of her cages. She now is a mother of 8, since that picture was taken."

"Hamie is coming down from his ball at the top of one of his cages. Him and Daisy share two cages."

Pic 2

Pic 1

Hamster: Hamtaro

Owner: Lisa

I'm not sure what type of hamster he is. But I just love him. He's very lazy though. I seen him at a pet store, he was all alone in his cage and I felt sorry for the little guy. They put him in a cardboard box for the ride home, by the time we got to the house he was already escaping, had gnawed a giant hole, so I agree with the article on the site, take a carrier with you!"

Pic 2

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