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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 32

Pic 1

Pic 2

Hamster: Staples (Pic 1 &2)

Contributed by: Ken

Ken says "
She so friendly and adorable that I let her run on my bed and photograph her"

Hamster: Eve

Contributed by: Kristen

Breed: Campbells Russian Dwarf

Favourite Foods: Carrots, sunflower seeds & milk pellets, hamster food & treats.

Favourite things to do: Run around, eat sleep alot, etc.

"She is a mother to 2 wonderful little babies."

Hamster: Taffy

Contributed by: Nathan

Sex: Female

Breed: Short haired syrian

Colour: Light brown

Nathan says "She eats EVERYTHING in sight.... eg. elastics paper pencils."

Taffy says "I'm not a pig I'm just always hungry!"

Pic 1

Hamsters: Ti-Femme (Pic 1 & 2), Ti-Fi (Pic 3)

Contributed by: Carine

Pic 1:This is Ti-Femme hammie who is 2 years old this year. She is very kind, playful and greedy. Love her loads!! Yes, she’s showing her tongue hehe

Pic 2: Another photo of Ti-Femme hammie. She was praying hehe :)  

Pic 3: This is Ti-Fi hammie who was given to me. Well, she just woke up!

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 1

Pic 2


Contributed by: Xiaoling

Pic 1: Lion running towards me

Pic 2: Lion looking for an escape route

Xiaoling says "The hamster’s name is “Lion” (from the photo u’ll understand y). It is actually the mix breed of Winter white & Winter pearl and the most amazing part is of all the baby hamsters, that is one special kind which is golden in color and with RED eyes! It eXtremely cute and fubby! Hope all Hamsters lovers can enjoy this photo!"

Hamster: Stuart

Contributed by: Becky

"This is one of my hamsters his name is stuart as you can see hes a bit hairy but both his parents were golden hamster ....isn't he cute!!! He really likes watermelon and celery and cheese! He is 6 1/2 months old. My dogs love him!"


Contributed by: Esther Teo

Caption: This little Happy...! nice and sweet little Hammy! Likes Kisses too! I love to sleep on my back... and enjoy... and start mumbling to myself...  I'm in paradise!!

Esther says "Happy had been with me for almost a month... and he's a very nice tempered Hammy... if ya attempt to touch it and do not like it, he'll juz walk away slowly... and not bite... likes to sleep on his back so much... loves kisses..."


: Mitzyok

Contributed by: Ludmila Turcan

Ludmila says "He loves his exercise wheel and can spend hours spinning around in it"

Hamster: Cookie

Contributed by: Shuxian

Shuxian says "Cookie monster! Haha... He's the first hammie i ever owned. He brought loads of joy and laughter into my life. However, he can be extremely naughty too. He loves to be pat and fed with tons of good food. He comes running to me when I shake his container full of sunflower seeds. Greedy hammie."

Hamster: Snuggles

Contributed by: Ang N Ben

"This is Snuggles!  She is a mother of seven!"

Pic 1

Pic 2

Hamsters: S.H.E. (Pic 1 & 2)

Contributed by: Dau Hee

Owner says "My 3 robo pics. I named them 'SHE'"

Hamster: Tufty Buttons

Contributed by: Jodie

Jodie says "This is Tufty on the PC."

Pic 1

Pic 2

Hamster: Perdita

Contributed by: Lauren Shurding

Pic 1
"If I look cute would you feed me?"

Pic 2:
"You expect me to get my bum in there, what do
you think I am? A show hamster?"

Hamster: Miss Snowdrop

Contributed by: Julie Rowe

"This is a picture of my 18 month old hamster Miss Snowdrop. Her first owners kept her for two weeks and then returned her to the pet store, saying she was aggressive. She is totally adorable and very gentle, she does love to give me a fright though, by swinging on the roof of her cage and then leaping down to the floor. I had to keep my eye on her whilst taking this pic, as she was ready to make a break for freedom!!"
Hamster: Motty

Contributed by: Lily

Lily says "T
he mottled campbell is male and he's 6 to 7 weeks old."

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