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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 31

Contributed by: Kirsty Hussey

Kirsty says "
This is a picture of my old hamster i really loved she has just woken up and has slept in my T-shirt."

Hamster: Rosemary

Breed: Dwarf Russian Campbell

Contributed by:
Shaun Teo Hong Kai

Shaun says "Rosemary is a cute hamster. She loves sunflower seeds and likes to feed from my hand. She sleeps a lot in the day and pees a lot in her running wheel."

Hamster: Teddy

Syrian Black Bear

D.O.B.: March 30th, 2003

Contributed by: Tom Klett

Hamster: Butterscotch

Contributed by: Kareea Jones

Kareea says "I have had her for 1 year and 4 months. She is so evil."

Hamster: Brisbee

Contributed by:
Alan, Ruth, and Kirsten

"Brisbee passed away due to old age. He had a wonderful home with us and we are are grateful for having known him. He was a most excellent hamster and a profound joy. He was a really good friend and companion. We pampered him with all sorts of delightful nibblies and he entertained us with his antics and soft kisses. He will be sorely missed."

Hamster: Chico

Contributed by: Cari

Cari says "
This picture I call Hamster Sleeping. My husband took him out of his cage to play & he just fell asleep in his hand. Too cute."

Hamster: Seamus

Contributed by: TP Anderson

This is Seamus my lovely 6 month-old Siberian dwarf hamster chewing away at his christmas dinner."

Hamster: Hammy

Contributed by:
Kristy N. K. Chan

Halo~ I'm Hammy. I liked to drink water in a strange way. Don't u think that I'm very funny and handsome? I believe your hamsters would like to be my girl friends. But I'm afraid that they can't do so. Because I had gone to the heaven......

Hamster: Bertha

Contributed by: Maryna

Boo! My name is Bertha.

Hamster: Michelin

Contributed by: Christine

Christine says "One of the oldest hammie I own.  He likes to eat, & is quite fierce sometimes."

Caption:  Hi there! 

Pic 1

Pic 2

Contributed by: Kew Min

Breed: Blackbear

Pic 1: Sleeping beauty
Pic 2:
oopss.... no way I'm gonna run away...

Hamster: Stinky

Contributed by:
Shel W

Owner says "This was our hamster named Stinky. He was a great gentle hamster.  We will miss him dearly."

Contributed by: Annieliz

Owner says "She is a Syrian hamster. She loves running arround the house with her big pink ball =D. She's almost 10 months old now. She's a lil gurl just like me!...she also loves biting people's nails...(yes disgusting lolz) but some how it helps her teeth get better and whiter. She goes around the house and comes back to me every time we have visitors =D she's really cool I tell her what to do she does it only for her owner ^_^ ..."

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