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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 30




Little Piglet (left) & Little Bu

<< Contributed by: Christopher Heng

The photo on the left are of my lovely hamsters.  On the right is my female hamster call Little Bu and on the left is my male hamster Little Piglet, 2 of the 5 hamsters which I'm currently keeping.

Since birth, my wife and I has taken great care & love towards all 5 hamsters that we have, and they have grown to be very tame, allowing me to actually position them and getting them to keep still while I take this wonderful photo!

I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to show everyone my lovely hamster's photo!

^^ Hamster's Name: Jammy

Caption: Can I smell a bit of broccoli?

^^ Hamster's Name: Dodger

Caption: Ok, I’ll sit still just this once…

^^ Owners: Magda and Mathilde

^^ This is my hamster Gorgy Porgy who likes the outside of his ball better then the inside Sometimes, he loves stealing my apples, and spilling his food all over my carpet.

Owner: Drewus

<< This is my other hamster Walnut who is rather shy who likes to nest in the back of my hair, does great acrobats in the cage and when scared or upset makes a noise so loud you would think she is a 400 pound pig.

Owner: Drewus

^^ Hamster's name : Monty 

Owner: kayleigh

kayleigh says: "He comes running when he can smell food!"

^^ kew min's campbell

^^ mei's Rusty.

Caption: going through before I get too fat to 'roll'

^^ Josephine's Hamster

^^ Hamster's Name: pretty (boy)

Owner: Linda




^^ Hamster's Name: Hamtaro
Breed: Syrian Hamster
Owner: Robbie Feltob

Robbie says: "This is my beautiful hamster that I just got. she is female and just had a litter of babies!"

^^ I'm Sushi, the one who loves to climb.






^^ I'm Shady, I love to eat and to dance.

^^ Owner: Richel Valla

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