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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 25 - Special Feature

Contributed by Michaela
I am 11 years old. My birthday is on September 24, 1991. I'll be turning 12 soon."

Michaela says: "She is about 19 days old with me. Her breed is a long haired teddybear hamster. Her sex is a female hamster. Her color is light Butterscotch/Blonde and white. She dislikes showers and she also dislikes the my other hamster Nicole (because they fight and she gets scared.) She loves to be cuddled, she loves her purple roll around ball. We got her on August, 01, 2003. Her fave color is baby blue."

<<< "Nicole is about 22 days old with me. We got her on August 01, 2003. Her breed is a short haired Syrian hamster. Her color is brown and white by her chest and by her paws. She gave birth to 10 hamsters on August 18, 2003. We got her out of the store pregnant. Her sex is of course a female. She dislikes being petted for the mean time because of her babies and she dislikes being cuddled. She likes the purple ball and she likes to type on my computer. Her fave color was magenta."
>>> "This is my hamster Hallie. She is no longer living with me because she died. She was bought on Febuary 02, 2003. She was my 2nd hamster. Her sex is a female. She dislikes the ball and she loves to explore around anywhere. Her color is dark butterscotch and white. Her sex is a female.  She was about 5 months with me. R.I.P. Her fave color was red."


<<< "Last but not least my other hamster Jessica. She has light butterscotch and white fur. Her sex is a female hamster. She dislikes carrots and she loves the ball too. She also died. We got her on Febuary 01,2003. She was about 5 months with me. Her breed is a long haired teddybear hamster. R.I.P.  Her fave color was purple. "
I had another hamster named Nikki. but I donít' have a picture of her  I bought her on the same date as Jessica. She is just like Nicole (the fur) but much darker. She also died. She was also 5 months with me. R.I.P. Her fave color was blue.

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