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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 22

Hamster's Name: Triumph

Contributed by: Nina L

Nina says "
Aaaarrrr!! I am Triumph the Dwarf! I have relieved Santa of command of this vessel. Prepared to be boarded har!

Triumph is 1 1/2 years old
claret-eyed Dove dwarf. She lives in Tucker, Ga. "

Hamster's Name: King Rufus

Sex: Female

Breed: Long-haired Syrian hamster

Contributed by: Amanda

Amanda says " She's by far the best hamster I've ever owned. She's incredibly affectionate + has never bitten anyone. She loves to be held, + when I put my hand palm up into her cage, she'll climb on it to come out."

Hamster's Name: Hammie

Sex: Female

Winter White Dwarf Hamster

Contributed by:
Daniela Jansen (Holland) 

Hammie says "
She is very cute and little."

Hamster's Name: Bunnie

Contributed by: Sarah 

Sarah says "
This isn't a very good picture of Bunnie. She never stands still, She's in her wheel all day and all night. I just got her a week ago and I love her. She jumps, Sometimes I swear she's a flying hamster."
Hamster's Name: Bobby Rodent W

Contributed by: Stephen Weber 

Stephen says "
Bobby likes to watch nascar with me,my brothers male Guinea Pig and, loves his ball.  He dislikes Mary my female Guinea Pig ,being called a bad boy and my brother's hamster.

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