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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 19 - Special Feature

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Kunkachiwi (Pics 1 - 3)

Kunkachiwi (Kunky) is the long haired Syrian. I got him on Boxing Day of 2001, and he was a couple of months old. So, he's quite old. Kunky is my baby and is unlike any other hamster I've had. He's really calm and whenever I take him out of his cage during the day he'll fall asleep on my stomach while I watch TV. When he's sleeping I can walk around with him and do daily tasks without him waking up. When he wakes up I know it's time to put him back in his cage because he needs his potty. The funniest thing about Kunky is that he hiccups. The vets I've talked to have never heard a hamster hiccup and didn't believe me, but they're definitely hiccups. I've recorded a number of hiccup sessions on my computer and am just trying to find a way to post wave files online. When I figure this out I'll be able to share Kunky's funny hiccups with everyone. One of the pictures I've submitted is of Kunky's long hair. It's taken from the back
[Pic 1]. When his hair gets too long I have to give him a hair cut every couple of weeks. More often now that it's the summer and it's really hot outside.

The other pictures are of him and his
'girlfriend' [Pic 2] (that the only girlfriend he'll ever have, no female hamsters for him
!). And one when he was sleeping [Pic 3]. He kind of looks like an opossum.

Hamster's Name: Chippy

Chippy was the runt of the litter and was so tiny when I got her. When she
slept she looked like a little baby chipmunk. That's how she got her name.
Chippy is my only female hamster. The picture I've sent of her is the one
with her cheeks full of food.

Hamster's Name: Ribbit

Ribbit is one of my other hamsters. I got him after Christmas of last year,
along with his sister, Chippy. I named him Ribbit when I noticed that he had
a deformity. One of his ribs must have formed wrong and as a result it
sticks outwards from his body. It doesn't break the skin, but it's right
underneath. This doesn't stop Ribbit from being an active hamster. Although
he's not smart enough to know how to run in his wheel, he climbs the sides
of the cage and climbs ON the wheel and it rolls him forward and he face
plants into the shavings.

Contributed by: Michelle D

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