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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 14

Hamster's Name: Pegasus

Contributed by: Yoshi 


Hamsters' Names: Ah Bee & Eh Bee

Contributed by: Wendy

Wendy says "They are born on 1st Jan 2003... New Year Babies, cutest and cheekiest I've ever had ... cheers to my Babies!! ....Eh Bee is trying to squeeze outta the hole to take her picture together with Ah Bee... keke..."

Contributed by: Valery

Valery says "my hamster is a real cool hammy who loves to keep himself clean and never fail to groom himself everytime after I picked him up and play."

Hamster's Name: Orange

Contributed by: Hailynn

"He's the most adorable and lovable hammy anyone could ever have!! He's kinda fat but that just makes him more adorable!"

Pic 1

Hamster's Name: BoBoHam

Species: Winter White Pearl

Age: 8 months

Contributed by: Juvin Pua

Pic 2

Pic 3

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