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Hamsters' Pics Contributions - Gallery 10

A note of Gallery 10 & 11 & 12 & 13: Apologies for all who had submitted pictures for the period of 2002 and must have felt really disappointed that it's not uploaded :(.  Hamster Hideout had been on hiatus (no updates) during 2002.  After Aug 02, the web email for submitting hamster pictures ran into major technical problems and the account for receiving pictures is unable to receive incoming mails.  Hamster Hideout promises to make it up in future by updating your furry pals' pictures as soon as possible (and to get a more reliable email account).  So, do keep your cute hamsters' pictures coming in! 

Hamster's Name: Hamburger
A long-haired Syrian hamster!

Contributed by: Jaclyn Carter 
Sex: Male
Jaclyn (the owner) says: "He's really hyper and he always falls asleep on me while im wearing my red sweater. He is really sweet and has never bitten anyone."

Hamster's Name: Winter

Paul (the owner) says : "She is about 3 mths old. quite fat right? She is a winter white and her color is usually gray, but looks brown in the photo. she is very nice and have never bitten me, but she hates the hamster ball. She was the last of the lot and I took her even though she is a little scruffy looking. Guess her favourite activity is sleeping."

Snickers says "I would like to get off this Frisbee now! I am afraid of heights!"

Hamster's Name= Snickers
A male short hair teddybear hamster.

Contributed by: "The Reddings"

Hamster's Name= Hammi
A most cute sapphire winter white hamster.

Contributed by:


Pic 1

Family Information

Father's Name: Playful
Breed: Blue Sapphire winter white

Mother's Name: Perry
Breed: Pearl white white

Litter: 6 baby hamsters
Type: 2 Sapphires, 3 pearl whites and 1 normal.

Contributed by:

Pic 2

Pic 3

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