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Gallery@ HH Forum - Compilation 5
Pictures are submitted at the Hamster Hideout Discussion Forum from 23/11/03 to 10/4/04
A Lover of All Hamsters's Peaches Arula's Toffee Scabbers' Sir Kibble & Cloak
Bunny Lover's Dexter Bunny Lover's Scampy iluvkangta's hamster
Dodo's hamster Eggystwins's Stewart Emma's Pippen
Farrah's Farrah :) Frodo's Chestnut Hammie_Motorsport's Muffin aka Hammie Boy
hamhams' mottled campbell boy hamhams' baby winter whites Hammie Hammie's Blackspot
Chewie's chewie :) jer76's blackie jer76's squeaky
karenlim's snowy Ms_Hamster's Pepper newham's sleeping beauties
lixzzz's Hobo & Pumpkin lixzzz's Mocha lixzzz's walnut
Staypuff's lumpies Sorrel's Cleo sef's Uki
ofurbe's Frosty & Snowman ofurbe's Timid BabyBredan's Brendan

Gallery@HH Forum
This gallery is a compilation of hamster pictures featured at the Hamster Hideout Discussion Forum. If you are not a member yet, do register for an account (it's free!) and post your hamster pictures online at the Gallery@HH Forum board. Pictures posted will be selectively compiled and featured here.

Sign up for your free membership at the Hamster Hideout Discussion Forum. It's a community where you can interact with fellow hamster lovers, and ask questions relating to hamster care.

Note: Submission of the photos at the Forum means your consent to publication at this gallery. Hamster Hideout reserves the right to select the photos for publication.  Contents may also be altered without prior notice for publishing.
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