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Say Cheese!

Check out these categories of hamster pics:
--Ode to Robos
--Stunt hamsters?
--Sleeping Beauties
-->>Hamsters eating ... yummie!
--Hamsters are natural groomers!
--Exercise fun!
--Small animals cards collection


Hamsters munching away .... yummie!
We .. *munch munch* love *munch munch munch* food! *crumb crumb*
We spend almost 3/5 of our waking hours eating!

Salad Time!
Ash Ash Snow
Wiffy Baby Waffie Buffy
Ash Ash Bambi
There's nothing like a good time in the food dish.
Braveheart Rascal Baby Waffie
Braveheart Braveheart Waffie
Miffy & Buffy Braveheart Buffy, Miffy & Wiffy
Miffy & Buffy Dusty Dusty
Dusty Dusty Dusty
I love spaghetti!
Rascal Braveheart Rascal
Rascal Braveheart Braveheart
Holding the precious foodie in my paw is the way to slowly savor the food.
Rascal Buffy Braveheart
Braveheart Miffy  
All these food are making me thirsty!
Waffie Braveheart Baby Waffie
Braveheart Rascal Wiffy
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