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Say Cheese!

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Stunt Hamsters

The following hamster stunts have been practiced and perfected by Ash, Braveheart, Dusty, Rascal, Waffie and Wiffy. Warning: Baby hamsters should only attempt them under the supervision of an adult hamster!

1. How to pull off a escape stunt: (demonstrated by Braveheart)
Step 1: Use front limbs to prop head over cage opening. keep lower limbs hooked to cage bars for support. Step 2: Lean forward more and prepare for the jump (remember to look at camera first). Step 3: Calculate distance and impact of fall. a x bx = ? (hamster formula).  If able to break the fall then ...  Jump!
2. How to squeeze your body to fit into narrow places and bite cage bars at obscure positions: (demonstrated by Rascal)
Step 1: Prop yourself against the wires. Step 2: Hold on for dear life (reminder: Hook your feet to the bars for support!) Step 3: Chew Chew Chew
(Remember to put on your naughtiest face).
3. How to squeeze your body into a toilet tube (erm, not quite successful) (demonstrated by Waffie). 4. How to totally shred the toilet roll at the fastest pace (demonstrated by Dusty). 5. How to sleep on a rooftop without falling off (demonstrated by Wiffy).
6. How to escape from a box (demonstrated by Rascal). 7. How to pull off an escape stunt (with reference to Braveheart earlier tutorial) (demonstrated by Rascal). 8. How to pull off an escape stunt (with reference to Braveheart earlier tutorial) (demonstrated by Ash).
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