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Hamster Quiz

1) Which breed of hamster is of the smallest size?
a) Chinese Hamster.
b) Roborovskii hamster
c) Russian Campbell hamster
d) Winter white Russian hamster

2) Another name for Winter White Russian Hamster is:
a) Golden Hamster
b) Djungarian Hamster
c) Siberian hamster
d) Mesocricetus auratus

3) Which of the following is often said to be the safest type of bedding to use in the hamster's cage?
a) Cedar
b) Pine
c) Aspen
d) Cellulose

4) Which of this foods is bad for a hamster's health?
a) Dog biscuits
b) Hard boiled eggs
c) Chocolate
d) Oats

5) Which breed of male hamster can help the female hamster raise the litter?
a) Syrian hamster
b) Russian Campbell hamster
c) Chinese hamster
d) None of the above

6) The following are causes of wet tail except
a) Stress
b)  Poor sanitation and hygiene
c) Spoiled food/ malnutrition
d) Diarrhea

7) Which of these body language/ vocalisations is indicative of a contended and happy hamster?
a) Squeaking loudly
b) Teeth chattering
c) Lying motionless on the back
d) Stroking the head with a paw

8) Which of the below is NOT a normal sympton of old age in hamsters?
a) Falling teeth
b) Baldness
c) Overgrown nails
d) All of the above are symptons of old age

9) Which of the following is FALSE? A pregnant hamster
a) could behave more aggressively
b) should be handled more often
c) should be fed with more high protein food
d) All of the above is true

10) Which ailment/disease is caused by parasites?
a) Mange
b) Diarrhea
c) Skin damage (e.g. small cuts and wounds)
d) Salmononellosis