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Feeding your hamster

Off to look for more food!

Commercial diet/hamster mix | Treats | Foods to avoid

Commercial diet/hamster mix

The basic and major part of the hamster's diet should be a hamster mix/commercial diet instead of your daily leftovers or other human food, as the latter may not contain the essential nutrients that a hamster need. A good brand of hamster mix should be bugs-free and contains essential nutrients of a balanced diet. There are different types of hamster food catering to Syrian and dwarf hamsters, so make sure you buy the correct type according to your hamster's breed.

All-in-one hamster mix, catering to other animals besides the hamster (e.g. food for gerbil and guinea pig and hamster) should be avoided as these mixes could contain bigger pieces that is difficult for the hamster to digest. Change the hamster food in the food dish daily to keep the food fresh and free from contamination. Introduce new food and treats by mixing with the current diet to allow your hamster to get use to them gradually. Avoid overfeeding your hamster as their hoarding instinct may cause trouble in their cheek pouches. Perishable food should be changed regularly and fed in moderate amounts.

Some common ingredients in commercial diets include sunflower seeds, wheat, nuts and beans, barley, maize, pea flakes, pellets, and various kinds of seeds (e.g. safflower seeds, millet seed). The hamster mix usually contains some hard food particles to satisfy your pet's need to gnaw. When fed with a balanced diet, vitamin supplements are optional and should be given in moderation.
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Delicious Treats

Besides the basic hamster mix, you can also supplement your pet's daily diet with a moderated amount of treats. Below are some delicious and healthy treats for your hamster.

Foods to avoid

Thanks and acknowledgements:
The picture used in this page features the hamster Felix and is taken with permission from Sparks' Hamstery.

A Step-By-Step Book About Hamsters by Anmarie Barrie (T.F.H Publications, 1987)

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