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Choosing a cage

Generally, there are 3 type of cages you can choose from. They are the wire cage, aquarium cage, and the connectable cage.

1. Metal/wire cages


  • Temperatures fluctuate more drastically as metal can get very cold or very hot depending on the temperature it is exposed to.

  • Litter and food tend to scatter as the hamster likes to burrow and move around the cage.

  • Metal cages with wire bottoms are not suitable for hamsters as their tiny feet may get caught in the wire.

  • The wires are susceptible to rusting, especially if your hamster likes to chew on them.

When buying such cages, opt for one with a non-wire bottom so that your hamster's feet will not get caught at the base. A wire cage with a deep plastic base also reduces the amount of litter and food that is scattered.
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2. Aquarium cage



2. Connectable cage

  • Allow for additional space to be added on.
  • Lots of climbing fun and tunnelling for the hamster.

Special mention:
Living World's Habitrail Safari overcomes some of the problems of the 3 types of cages. The wires in the cage allow good air ventilation and climbing exercise while the deep plastic base allows the hamster to move more freely. It can also be connected to form increased space and extra habitats.
Hamster Hideout is not associated with or endorsed by Living World©.

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Aquarium/tank cage
Connectable cage
Metal/wire cage
DIY cage
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