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Russian Campbell Hamster - colours and patterns

Thanks to advanced breeding practices, Russian campbell hamsters now come in a variety of coat types, patterns and colours!

Coat Types: Short haired, satin coated.

Patterns: Mottled, Plantinum ...

Colours: Normal, beige, black, lilac, blue, opal, argente, blue fawn, lilac fawn, dove, champagne, albino ...

Some examples:

Normal (HC)

Blue fawn (HC)

Opal (HC)

Blue (HC)

Albino satin (HC)

Argente satin (HC)

Normal plantinum (HC)

Opal plantinum satin coated (HC)

Opal satin (HC)

Mottled argente (HC)

Dilute plantinum (HC)

Beige (HH)

Black (HH)

Argente (black eyed) (HH)


Dove (AAA)

Lilac Fawn (AAA)

Albino (AAA)

Dilute opal plantinum (AAA)

Mottled argente (AAA)

Mottled blue fawn (AAA)

Mottled normal (AAA)

Mottled opal (AAA)

Mottled Black (AAA)

Black Platinum (AAA)

Black Silver (AAA)

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Thanks & acknowledgements:

HC: Photographs photographed by Jillian Curtright and taken from
Woodview Hamstery.

AAA: Photographs taken from AAA Hamsters.

HH: Photographs taken from Heavenly Hamsters.

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