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Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster
(Phodopus Campbelli)

Normal Russian Campbell dwarf hamsters.

The Russian Campbells are currently the most common species of dwarf hamsters. Named in honour of W.C Campbell, who found a Campbell Russian hamster in Mongolia in 1902, Campbell Russians are also known as the Djungarian hamster, after one of the regions it inhabits, in Djungaria, Mongolia.

The adult male hamster is slightly larger than the female. Campbell Russians are categorized by their short tail and furry feet. Both male and female raise the litter and are usually outgoing and friendly if handled confidently. Most of them can also be housed cordially in pairs.

Most Campbell Russians are coloured like those observed in the wild, but today's breeding techniques have produced a great variety of colours, textures and patterns.

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Thanks and acknowledgements:
The photographs featured on this page is taken with permission from Sparks Hamstery.

Dwarf Hamsters: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual by Sharon Vanderlip (Barron's Educational series, 1999)

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