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Hamster Basics
Hamsters are rodents
History of hamsters
Anatomy of hamsters
Sexing hamsters
Breeding hamsters
The different breeds
Syrian hamster
Syrian colours & patterns
Russian Campbell (R.C)
R.C. colours & patterns
Chinese hamster
Roborovski hamster
Dwarf winter white russian

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Beginners' Guide
Hamster Care

Different Hamster Breeds

Although there are many breeds of hamsters, the 5 most common domesticated species are the Syrian hamster, Dwarf Campbell Russian hamster, Chinese hamster, Roborovskii hamster and the winter white Russian hamster.

The following figures are taken from The alt.pets.hamsters FAQ and shows the approximated lengths that each breed can grow to.

Campbell Russian (10-12cm)
Chinese (female: 10cm, male: 12cm)
Common/European (female: 22-25cm, male: 27-32cm)
Eversmann's (16.6cm)
Golden/Syrian,Fancy,Teddy Bear (15-18cm)
Longtailed (16cm)
Migratory (13.5cm)
Mouse-like (16.5cm)
Rat hamster (26cm)
Roborovskii (4-5cm)
Rummanian (varies)
Striped (13cm)
Tibetan (varies)
Winter White Russian/Siberian/Djungarian (female: 8cm, male: 10cm)

Poll Time
Which of the following is your favourite species of hamsters?
Chinese Hamster
English Hamster
Roborovskii Hamster
Russian Campbell Hamster
Syrian Hamster
Winter white Hamster

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The photo used in this page is taken from Sparks Hamstery.

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