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Which type of bedding should I use?

What to avoid

Avoid newspapers and other printed paper as bedding because your hamster may consume the ink when they are tearing up the paper to make a nest. There have also been rising reports regarding the toxicity and dangers of cedar and pine shavings as bedding for hamster's cages. Some of the alleged health problems as a result of regular use include itchy skin and scratching, and even liver problems.

The use of fluffy/cellulose bedding, which has the appearance of fiberglass/cotton wool, is also suspected to cause choking, pouch infections and intestine blockages.

Although such claims lacked hard evidence, there had been some scientific studies and anecdotal evidence of the dangers of these bedding. For more detailed information, please refer to the following websites:

The Alternatives

Hamster Hideout is not associated with or endorsed by the above products/brands.

Some examples of safe bedding are shavings made of aspen, as well as Carefresh pet bedding.


Wash the cage and change the bedding regularly to prevent odours. If any of your hamster is ill (e.g. diarrhoea, mites), cleaning will have to happen more often. In case the cage smells (which is not supposed to if you clean it regularly), you can try a cage deodorizing spray for small animals to disinfect the cage.

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Which of the following type of bedding do you use for your hamster?
Aspen Bedding
Carefresh/ Pet Preference Bedding
Cedar Bedding
Plain Paper
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